REV Collaborative Consulting Package

The REV Collaborative Consulting Package is priced at $500 per month and includes all the following:

  • Access to our REV Library and REV Essentials - The REV Library is a collection of videos recorded by our Reverie Consultants on a variety of business topics. A new video is added to our library each month! REV Essentials is a collection of 12 video modules that provide instruction on the building blocks of a successful business. Topics covered in REV Essentials include Vision & Voice, Ideal Clients, Content Calendars, Growth Mapping, Strategy Planning, Expense Planning - to name a few.

  • Access to the private REV Facebook group for networking and collaboration.

  • Monthly Business Challenges - Designed to make you work ON your business, each month we will encourage you to complete one assigned task for your business. This ensures you carve out time each month to focus on the big picture - your business goals and initiatives.

  • Monthly & Quarterly Checklists - To make sure you are setting up your business for growth and success, each month and once a quarter, we will email you a list of business tasks you should be doing regularly.

  • Access to Monthly Live Workshops - On the fourth Friday of each month, a Reverie consultant will do a live workshop, via Zoom, on a business topic. This will give you the opportunity to interact with, ask questions, and share feedback with the consultant and other REV clients.

  • Monthly Accountability Groups - For additional networking and collaboration, we will have an accountability hour with other REV clients. Each month, we will either assign you something to work on for your business or you will determine the task. During the accountability hour, we will check in with one another. Did you complete the task or achieve your goal? We'll discuss the challenges you faced and celebrate your successes!

  • Quarterly Marketing Audits - Marketing is one of the most critical verticals of all small business operations. In order for the business to remain healthy and in growth mode, the business must have a heavy focus on marketing services, products, people, etc. Each quarter, we will be providing an internal audit checklist to ensure that you are keeping up with your marketing efforts. This audit will keep you mindful of marketing, outline your performance for the current quarter, and help you plan for the upcoming quarter.

  • Bi-Monthly Consultant Calls - You will be assigned to one of our Reverie consultants who will speak one-on-one with you twice a month for one hour to discuss any issues, challenges, or successes you've had in your business. These calls will help you remain focused and push you towards achieving success in your business!

  • Quarterly Goal Setting Consultant Calls - Once a quarter, the same consultant will speak with you for one hour with the sole purpose of setting goals for your business and building out a roadmap. The consultant will make sure you are hitting all the benchmarks along the way to meet your goals and drive towards success!

  • Quarterly Collaborative Goal Accountability Call - Since building a roadmap for your business is so important, we want to make sure you stay accountable to your strategic initiatives. In addition to the goal setting calls with your consultant, there will also be a quarterly group call with other REV Collaborative clients where we can check-in with one another to see how we are doing with our goals and strategic initiatives. The purpose of the call is to provide you with feedback, ideas, and encouragement as you work toward moving your company to the next level one strategic initiative at a time.