REV Collective Consulting Package

The REV Collective Consulting Package is priced at $50 per month and includes all the following:

  • Access to our REV Library and REV Essentials - The REV Library is a collection of videos recorded by our Reverie Consultants on a variety of business topics. A new video is added to our library each month! REV Essentials is a collection of 12 video modules that provide instruction on the building blocks of a successful business. Topics covered in REV Essentials include Vision & Voice, Ideal Clients, Content Calendars, Growth Mapping, Strategy Planning, Expense Planning - to name a few.

  • Access to the private REV Facebook group for networking and collaboration.

  • Monthly Business Challenges - Designed to make you work ON your business, each month we will encourage you to complete one assigned task for your business. This ensures you carve out time each month to focus on the big picture - your business goals and initiatives.

  • Monthly & Quarterly Checklists - To make sure you are setting up your business for growth and success, each month and once a quarter, we will email you a list of business tasks you should be doing regularly.